Lingual braces: installation, advantages and features of care

    Lingual braces are a system for bite correction, which is installed on the inner surface of the dentition. This is the main advantage of such braces. Due to the internal arrangement, they are hidden from prying eyes, so the patient does not feel discomfort from their presence.

    Who should use lingual braces?

    • Patients with malocclusion;
    • People with mechanical injuries of the jaw;
    • In cases when the wrong arrangement of teeth is observed.

    Lingual braces for bite correction are made on an individual order. First, the patient comes to a consultation with an orthodontist. After deciding to be treated with such a system, the doctor takes the casts and takes pictures of the teeth.

    Further, an individual design is developed taking into account the structural features of the dentition. After production, they are installed on the inside of the teeth and treatment begins.

    Lingual braces - pros and cons

    Like any bite correction system, lingual braces have their own advantages and disadvantages. Do not be too critical of them, because you should choose a design with your doctor, who will take into account the characteristics of your situation and recommend the best option to achieve an effective result. Lingual braces before and after treatment practically do not change the appearance.


    • Appearance. Many people refuse braces because they look ugly. This system is installed on the inner surface of the dentition, therefore it is invisible to others;
    • Minimal risk of caries. The outer side of the teeth is completely open for quality care;
    • The system is equipped with a large number of functional parts. It makes it possible to effectively correct even advanced stages of malocclusion;
    • Minimal risk of allergic reactions. The materials used in the manufacture are safe for the human body;
    • Speed of correction. Lingual braces are made individually. Allow to make the minimum distance between locks, strengthening mechanical impact. The principle of operation of lingual braces is aimed at quickly obtaining a result.


    • Complex installation process. Often, orthodontists are faced with the fact that the internal surface of the teeth where the braces are installed is difficult to examine and has a heterogeneous structure;
    • Installation of the system and additional elements are quite expensive;
    • For some time, the patient feels discomfort. The adaptation period takes about 1-2 months. In the early days, there may be problems with diction and chewing food;
    • The patient will have to visit a doctor to arch arches and adjust treatment.

    How much to wear lingual braces?

    On average, invisible braces have to be worn for about 1.5 years. However, only the doctor who will study a specific clinical case can tell the exact time. The design is done individually, so it will be as comfortable as possible.

    Installation steps and features of lingual braces:

    • Preliminary consultation. Inspection of the oral cavity. Identification of pathological processes. Treatment of caries and periodontitis. Cleaning with fluorinated agents and ultraviolet;
    • Holding a panoramic picture of the jaw. Creation of a mold of the jaw;
    • Installation of the system includes the use of special pads to connect the bridge, insert braces on the inner surface of the teeth, fastening and fixing;
    • After some time, the patient again comes to the reception for examination and correction, if necessary.

    Oral and lingual braces care:

    • Good oral hygiene to prevent the development of caries;
    • Use for oral hygiene of special brushes, brushes and irrigator;
    • Do not be alarmed that hygiene is time consuming. You will get used to it and the cleaning process will be faster;
    • Follow the doctor's recommendations clearly, visit the clinic at the appointed time. If you encounter incomprehensible situations, immediately make an appointment;
    • Try to minimize the intake of solid and sticky foods.

    How much do lingual braces cost in Ukraine?

    They have a fairly high cost, but give an effective result. The exact cost will be calculated by the doctor after the examination. The price depends on the complexity of your clinical situation and other factors. Types of lingual braces differ in the manufacturer and the materials used.

    It is not worth saving on the bracket system, since your comfort and the final result of treatment will depend on its quality. The effectiveness of lingual braces has been proven by many patients treated.

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