Name of service Cost, UAH.


Aiming teeth 95
Panoramic dental image 200
Computed tomography, 2 jaws / 1 jaw UAH 600/ 300
Teleroentgenogram (TRG image (one projection)) UAH 250

Відбілювання зубів

Teeth Whitening Beyond from UAH 3500
Home whitening

Teeth veneers

Ceramic veneers from UAH 6000
Refractor-mounted ultra-thin veneers UAH 9000-12000
Direct composite veneers UAH 2500

Treatment of teeth and gums

Professional teeth cleaning from UAH 620
Treatment and filling of teeth from UAH 600
Restoration of teeth from 700
Primary root canal treatment from UAH 1030
Retreatment (or re-treatment) of root canals from UAH 1350
Treatment of periodontitis, periodontal disease

Surgery, tooth extraction

Tooth extraction from UAH 450
Extraction of a wisdom tooth from UAH 950
Cyst removal from UAH 1650
Removal of impacted teeth from UAH 5500
Gum plastic from UAH 250
Tongue frenum plasty, lips from UAH 1200


Implant placement operation from UAH 9750
Sinus - lifting from UAH 21650
Bone augmentation from UAH 8600


Zirconium crown 4000-6000
Metal-free crown E.max 6000-12000
Prosthetics on implants 4400-12000
Metal-ceramic crown 2500-4500
Dental inlay 1150-3500
Removable dentures 3000-5000
Nylon prostheses 5000-7500
Clasp prostheses 9000-14000

New technologies

Digital dentistry
Computer simulation of a smile 1 unit from UAH 330
Laser dentistry from UAH 1100
Computer anesthesia UAH 350
Surgical implantation template UAH 3500
Dental treatment in a dream
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